Self-Refrigerating Ice-cream maker vs NonRefrigerating

Breville Smart Scoop Gelato and Ice Cream Maker

When choosing an ice-cream machine, there’s an important decision to make:

To get a self-refrigerating or freezer bowl (old-style) ice-cream machine.

The decision comes down to time and convenience. 

Self-refrigerating ice-cream makers like the Whynter and the Breville ice cream maker can get you from start to finish with excellent tasting ice-cream in 40 minutes.

“Old-style” or non-refrigerating ice-cream makers require hours of refrigeration, even twenty-four hours in many cases to refreeze the bowl.

A self-refrigerating ice-cream maker requires no such pre-refrigeration of the bowl. It’s like having a mini-freezer plus ice-cream maker.

If a self-refrigerating is so great, why get a non refrigerating ice cream maker?

It comes down to cost. A self-refrigerating costs a lot more upfront, but is earned back in time. Non-refrigerating require more than ten times the time with the freezing that is required.

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