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United States Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure for testimonial advertisements, bloggers, and celebrity endorsements.

If you’ve ever had a need to find some information, you may have paid an authority on the subject for their knowledge (a physical therapist, doctor, consultant, computer tech, etc.). Our site strives to provide helpful information to our readers, and we generally make all the information available free of charge (except for an occasional eBook or other media you can purchase). We hope the information we share is valuable to our readers; for providing such information, we sometimes receive compensation through forms such as affiliate links, gift products, and ads placed on our site.

Some of the information we share on our site includes reviews of products, and although we don’t consider ourselves celebrity endorsers, we may provide our endorsement of a product and provide a link where you may purchase the product. In many cases the link we post is called an affiliate link. For example, if we write a review of lawn mower that we’ve found to be fantastic, we may link to where a visitor may purchase the product (usually on If the visitor we referred through our link were to purchase the product or other products on, we would receive a small compensation from for the referral to the website. Affiliate links or sponsored links on our site may not always be noted as a sponsored or affiliate link.

In many cases, we have purchased the products reviewed, but we may receive a free product for review, or review a product that we have not purchased but have had knowledge of, experience with, or close associate with those that have had the product. We like to express our own opinions about products, services, and sites, and encourage our visitors to validate any product or service claims and testimonials with the manufacturer or service provider or the information they provide.

Our site may also contain advertisements that are part of the Google Ad Network usually identified by “Ads by Google” in the bottom of the ad group. If a visitor clicks on one of these links, we generally receive a small referral fee from Google. These ads displayed are most often auto-selected by Google based on the relevance of the site or page content. We also many include banner ads or other link ads through other advertising networks or affiliate programs.

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Just as you would pay a computer tech or consultant to help you with your computer problems or providing you with specialized knowledge to help solve your questions, we hope the reviews or comments about products we provide to you through reviews, endorsements or testimonials of products are helpful to you.

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