Best Quality Soft Serve Ice-cream Machine for Large Parties and Groups

Vinmax soft serve commercial ice cream maker

You’ve got a large party coming up, and what better fun than to have your own Soft Serve Ice-cream Machine!

Real Soft-Serve machines used to be huge. You basically needed a truck and a bunch of people to lift the ice-cream maker  to get it anywhere.

Those days are over.

There’s a new compact soft-serve machine that simply puts the other back-breaking machines to shame, and you can have it as a soft serve machine for your home, or rent it out occasionally. It’s up to you.

When Considering Buying a Soft Serve Machine…

When you need a high-capacity soft-serve ice-cream Machine, you want to consider the following things:

vinmax tabletop soft serve Ice Cream Machine
The Perfect Size at: 2.5 feet tall, 1.4 feet wide, and 1.8 Feet Deep

1. Ice-cream Maker Size and Weight for Portability

Some, let’s face it, are just too large and too industrial to be portable, but others are too small for large group gatherings.

The Vinmax Desktop Soft-Serve is the perfect size at: 2.5 feet tall, 1.4 feet wide, and 1.8 feet deep.

It’s about 150 pounds, which is good, because you want a solid machine, even if it is compact. Set it on a solid table, and you’re good to go.

It’s got a small footprint of any soft-serve ice cream machine in it’s class with three dispensers. Search around, there’s none better!

At these dimensions, it beats out other ice-cream and gelato makers that are similar in size, but lacking in…

2. Soft Serve Hourly Capacity for Large Groups

It doesn’t do much good to have a compact ice-cream maker if you can’t produce a lot of ice-cream for a large party or gathering.

The Vinmax Commercial Small Desktop Soft Ice Cream Making Machine can produce nearly 19 Quarts an Hour!

That’s incredible. Other $1,000+ gelato and ice-cream makers top out at about 6 quarts an hour. If you’re looking for one that can handle a large group, you want capacity.

Where to buy the Vinmax Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine?

Where everything else is, on Amazon of course.

The great thing about buying a machine like this on Amazon is Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee, if there’s a problem, you’re protected. If you opt for buying a machine from somewhere else, it’s a gamble, and you could be stuck if the machine doesn’t work. Amazon takes the worry away, so check it out:

The Vinmax three-flavor Soft Serve Ice-cream Machine:

Vinmax soft serve commercial ice cream maker

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