Cellerciser VS bellicon Rebounder (Watch the difference compared)

Rebounders (mini exercise trampolines) are a great way to get fit at home and stimulate the body’s lymphatic system. However, not all rebounders are made the same.

Check out the difference between the Cellerciser and the bellicon mini trampoline (rebounders).

Springs vs bungees makes a huge difference.

Check it out:

The Difference Between Spring and Bungee Rebounders

When choosing a rebounder it’s important to remember that it’s best to get one that will help you get results: better health, better fitness, and better energy.

An exercise mini trampoline that is noisy, hard on the joints and hard to store is probably not going to be used as much as one that is quiet, easy on the joints, and easy to store.

Are Rebounders Worth it?

Rebounders are one of the best ways for low impact exercise you can do you in your home and really help the lymphatic system, improve stability, muscle toning, and overall fitness.

The bellicon rebounder with fold-in legs is the best rebounder in the industry.

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