Sick Fat and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

You might have seen the title or the image for the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

and your reaction might be like most when seeing the picture…EEW!

We had seen the video listed in Netflix, but the title and the picture was not enticing to say the least.

But then, we happened to watch the trailer for the film, and we decided to watch the movie in it’s entirety.

It was an amazing movie.

If you can get past the title and the picture of Joe with the big belly going into the juicer (that doesn’t actually happen in the film–sorry to disappoint), you’ll discover an amazing journey that not only Joe embarked upon but also a trucker named Phil who is really the heart and soul of the documentary.

Quick Summary of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead:

Joe Cross, an Australian, lead a life like most in Western society including stress and poor dietary habits. He also had an autoimmune disease that created skin rashes and for which he was taking a lot of pills.

He wanted to be healthy.

So he decided to come to America and go on a Juice Fast, drinking only green juice for 60 days, and to film the progress.

Please note that Joe did this under medical supervision throughout the process.

The results were amazing, and he travels from the East Coast to the West stopping and asking people to try the juice and get their thoughts on healthy eating.

Watch the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Trailer:

Below is the trailer for the movie that got my wife and I excited about watching the film.

The movie was inspiring and we highly recommend it.

Hey that’s our Juicer! …Well, Same Brand at Least

We found it hilarious that Joe was using a juicer out of the back of his car with some sort of large battery pack generator to run power to the juicer.

Right off, we noticed that the juicer he was using was the same brand as the juicer we have a Breville (the Porsche of Juicers).

His model of juicer was a little different than the one we have. We went for the stainless steal model (see our review of the Breville 800jexl Juicer – the model we have) and love it.

How much should you Juice?

The Breville Juicer we use
The Breville Juicer we use

That’s up to you, and your doctor if you decide to do a juice fast.

Although, you can start by getting a juicer (here’s the Top 10 Juicers) and making a juice a day as a great addition to your health.

We usually make a juice every day, and it’s great to get all those nutrients that would be hard to swallow (he, he) if you were to try to eat all those fruits and veggies that go into a juice.

To read more about the juicer we use (same brand as in the film) click here.

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