The Laser-Shooting Robot Vacuums are Invading

The future is here, now that your robot vacuum can shoot lasers.

Neato Botvact Connected - Laser-Shooting Robot Vacuum

Laser-weilding Botvac

Some might say that the lasers are not intended to kill, but they’d be wrong, dead wrong.

The Neato Botvac Connected does have lasers, and those lasers do kill things, although they might not be what you expect.

Botvac Lasers Kill Extra Work

The Botvac Connected lasers kill extra work. The lasers enable the Botvac to navigate around your room and furniture making it less of a hassle to use than other robot vacuums, and kills off a lot of extra work compared to spending time vacuuming by hand.

Botvac Lasers Kill Boredom

Sorry to admit it, but the Botvac is just fun to watch. Cancel that Netflix subscription, we’ve now got real entertainment.

Check out How the Neato Botvac Works

View below how the lasers work (made visible in the video).

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