Misfit Shine – What you need to know

Misfit Shine - Grey
What you need to know about the Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine is one of the most incredible fitness trackers ever made.

It definitely takes a hint from other companies that know a thing or two about design, because design is one of the Misfit Shine’s greatest achievements.

But it’s not all just looks. The Shine packs a punch in terms of what it can do. Check out eight key points about the Misfit Shine.

1. Misfit Shine vs the Competition

The Best Looking Fitness Tracker

If you want the best looking fitness assistant out there that also gets the job done well, it’s a slam dunk for the Shine.

Compared to Jawbone, Fitbit and the like, the Shine kicks butt.

It’s a device that you can wear exercising and to a fancy dinner.

Other devices look like a french fry wrapped around your wrist.

misfit-shine-grey-clipVersatility of the Shine

The competition provides clip trackers and wrist fitness trackers.

Misfit can do both. Simply remove the Shine and place it in the included clip.

It’s a big plus if you want to track your activity while cycling.

You can clip the shine to your shoe or laces to best track your activity.

2. Charging the Shine

Other Fitness monitors require charging (some almost daily).

The Shine requires no charging. The battery is a watch battery, and since there is no display, it doesn’t eat up a lot of juice.

Where it falls short

The drawback of the Shine is that it doesn’t measure heart rate whereas some of the other fitness bands do.

But for the price and design, you get a lot for your hard earned cash.

3. Fitness Tracking

The shine can track:

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep (regular and deep/restful)

You can set the shine to track certain activities as well such as running, swimming, cycling, basketball, soccer, tennis.

The Misfit App makes it easy to see how you’re doing and to set a rolling goal for your daily progress.

To check your progress, simply tap the Shine.

For detailed data, you can check the app.

misfit-shine-topaz-clip4. What comes with the Shine?

The Shine comes with the following:

  • Shine tracker disc
  • Clip
  • Wristband

5. Shine Integration with Apple Health

The Misfit App is where you track your progress and it syncs step data with Apple Health.

As of this writing, distance and sleep data are not imported into Apple Health.

Hopefully an update to the app will address this.

6. Misfit Shine vs Misfit Flash

Misfit recently introduced the Misfit Flash.

The Flash is similar in style and function. The difference is that the Flash is made of plastic rather than aluminum, and can be found for about half the price. You can see our review of the Flash here.

We love it, but but just a little extra gets you the Shine with its classy design and feel.

7. What Customers on Amazon are saying about the Misfit Shine

the Shine is very obviously the most beautiful device on the market. Opposite to the Jawbone, it’s actually nicer looking “in person” than in the photos – you really can’t appreciate it until you hold it in your hands. I can wear it with just about anything and now I don’t have to hide it. 🙂

I have had a Shine for several months now and I love it. It is very pretty. It does not look like a like one of those monitors that criminal probationers must wear.

I love not having to continually charge this activity tracker. It looks good and feels good to wear. I am definitely more conscious of what I do (or don’t do) while wearing this.

When they say waterproof, they mean it. I wear this thing in the shower and during baby bathtime and I’ve never had any problems.

8. Best Deals on the Shine

Depending on the color (different demand/supply for different colors), you can find a pretty good deal on the Shine on Amazon. Click below for current pricing on the Misfit Shine on Amazon.

Misfit Shine - Grey

Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep Monitor

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