If you Could Choose Only One: A Juicer, a Rebounder, or a Blender

Trying to live healthy?

It’s not always as easy as it seems.

There’s the initial excitement that really gives your drive to be a healthy a great kick-start, but then something happens…something that stops a lot of people dead in the their tracks…and it’s called life.

Granted, life doesn’t stop you dead, but it can stop the actions towards a healthy life dead in their tracks.

We get busy, and soon that resolve and the desire that was so strong at the beginning starts to take a back seat to all the demands of day life.

It’s a conundrum.

How do you build a healthy life when life (the day-to-day) gets in the way?

Fortunately, there are tools that can help make keeping a healthy life easier (we’ve tried the gym membership, and it’s not one of those).

The tools are what you can have right at your finger tips.

They’re your weapons against an un-healthy lifestyle.

The more simple the tools, the easier that you can make use of them, and they’re the ones that after a lot of searching and testing that we use in our home on a regular basis.

Elegance Matters

Yesterday I was using my iPod Touch. Yes, it’s the first generation iPod Touch, and I’m still using it years later. Holding the device, it’s easy to see the quality of the metal backing, the elegant display, and how it fits perfectly in your hands.

Now I’ve had other music players that could play music just as well, but I don’t think I could find them if I went looking. They’re gone. Buried somewhere in some box or even given away.

Why do I still use the old  iPod.

It’s elegant.

It’s still relevant.

And even today, it still works great.

And using an elegant and relevant device helps me make that elegance a part of my life.

The same thing that keeps me using a first generation iPod, is what can help you stay on track to a healthy lifestyle.

The tools we use make a difference, and the better, more solid and more elegant the tool, the more we’ll use it over and over again.

It’s a War to Achieving Great Health – Choose your Weapons Wisely

Real war is grusome and terrible with lives litterally on the line.

A personal war against disease and desire for greater health is still a war with high stakes, your life, but the difference is that you’re working to build instead of break down, and the “weapons” at your disposal instead of being terrible can be beautiful and helpful.

The better and more elegant the options (just like the iPod) the more likely that you’ll use them over and over again.

The Juicer

We make vegetable juices on a regular basis (almost daily, and sometimes twice a day).

What’s helped us stay on track is a desire to be healthy, but also the tool that we have.

Juicing can provide the essential nutrients and enzymes that your body is starving for.

Too many processed foods destroy the delicate and beneficial components that your body needs to thrive and be healthy.

Juicing vegetables can unlock those nutrients in a very powerful way.

The Juicer we use is the Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain. It’s the most elegant juicer out there and super powerful making juicing something that’s fun and not a chore.

Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite

You can catch our in-depth review of the Breville 800jexl here.

Good health never tasted so good. If you mix in a fruit (apple or some grapes), you can make your juices very tasty.

The Bouncer

Healthy nutrients are an important part of becoming healthy, but there is an important element that most people miss entirely.

It’s the “E” word, and it’s despised by so many: Exercise.

Yuck, who likes exercise.

Hint: your body does.

Every cell in your body can benefit from exerciser, and that’s one of the reasons that we purchased a rebounder.

A rebounder puts the force of gravity to work and in favor of your health.

The gentle downward pressure benefits your whole body. The upward motion and the peak of the bounce is like achieving weightlessness as you come back down.

It exercises your whole body, in fact, each cell of your body. Rebounding can also help stimulate the lymphatic system which helps to keep your body and cells clean from cellular waste build up.

We researched for a very long time, and wanted to get a rebounder that we’d use over an over and that would be easy on the body (not jarring).

The JumpSport became our rebounder of choice, and we’re still using it because (like the iPod) it’s elegant, works great as ever, and is well made. You can get it with a handlebar too for support.

jumpsport rebounder

You can read our Rebounder JumpSport review here.

The Blender

One of our newest tools is the BlendTec Blender. You know, the Blender that can blend anything even iPods (I’m keeping my iPod away from it for sure).

The benefit we found in the blender is that we can make yummy smoothies, soups, and even desserts.

It’s another weapon for good health that is easy to use.

We like the blender because it helps unlock nutrients in what is blended but also keep important elements such as the fiber from fruits and veggies. So you can use is in-conjunction with juicing.

Blendtec Total Blender - We have one and love it!

Here’s a detailed review of the BlendTec Total Blender.

Choose your Weapon

So choose your weapon, your tool, or use them all to help you achieve great health through healthy habits, and it’s the tools that can make that become so much easier.

So click on the tool above that most meets your needs or catches your eye and check out how the tool (or tools if you check out more than one) can help you.

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