Where does Gelato come From?

First of all, what exactly is Gelato?

Gelato has a history that dates back centuries, but has only recently gained popularity throughout the United States.

A Gelato looks at first glance much like Ice Cream, but when tasted, it’s a world of difference.

Gelato is more dense than Ice Cream and doesn’t have some much fluff/air in its mixture. That makes Gelato pack much more flavor per bite than does ice cream.

Lose Weight Eating Gelato? …Maybe

Because Gelato is more dense and packs more flavor per bite, it’s plausible that you’ll eat less servings than if you were to eat ice cream.

We’ll leave that up to you. However, the serving size for Gelato is generally smaller than ice cream. So not only is it much lower in fat, you’ll probably eat less of it than you would had it been ice cream.

Gelato contains less fat than ice cream and is a lot more fun to share with friends. Lots of people share their surprise at how good Gelato tastes compared to ice cream.

The History of Gelato

From Wikipedia on Gelato’s History:

The history of gelato dates back to frozen desserts served in ancient Rome and Egypt made from ice and snow brought down from mountain tops and preserved below ground.

More recently gelato appeared during banquets at the Medici court in Florence.

In fact the Florentine cook Bernardo Buontalenti is said to have invented modern ice creams in 1565, as he presented his recipe and his innovative refrigerating techniques to Caterina de’ Medici.

She in turn brought the novelty to France, where in 1686 the Sicilian fisherman Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli perfected the first ice cream machine.

The popularity of gelato among larger shares of the population however only increased in the 1920’s-1930’s as in the northern Italian city of Varese, where the first mobile gelato cart was developed.

You can find Gelato in an authentic Italian restaurant or a Gelato shop if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby.

Once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

Making Gelato From Home

You can make Gelato history at home by being the first to introduce this tasty treat to your family.

With the right equipment, you can make Gelato in 25 to 30 minutes rather than waiting for ice cream to finally freeze.

You’ll need a self-refrigerating Gelato Maker to be able to make (almost instant Gelato in about 30 minutes).

If you want to make instant Gelato, you’ll need liquid nitrogen, but that’s another story.

Delonghi g6000 Gelato Machine

Delonghi gm6000 Gelato Machine

If you want to make Gelato from home, check out our review of the Delonghi Gelato Maker.

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