EA Active 2 Nintendo Wii Game Review

We’ve enjoyed the original EA Active for the Wii, but the EA Active 2 has so much more to offer now, it’s got thousands of people pushing their workouts and workout tracking to the next level.

Here’s a quick intro to the EA Sports Active 2 for Wii.

You strap on the censors (with built in heart rate monitor) and you’re off and running (forgive the pun).

Here are some Sample workouts:

“Start off with a light jog, followed by bicep curls and get your heart beating with some cardio boxing”

Total Body Tracking

Measures not only your movement, but your heart rate and you can track your progress on the web if you so desire.


Here’s what people are saying with over 460 reviews on Amazon:

“Good Workout program, better than Wii Fit Plus.”

“I love this! I have all of the other Wii Active games, and this one is my favorite. While you do still have to hold the remote from time to time, it’s almost hands free. The exercises are great for people like me who are not fitness junkies, but still want a good workout. Would (and have already) recommend this to others.”

“This is probably my favorite Wii exercise game so far (better than Wii Fit/Plus, Biggest Loser, Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout).”

You can find EA Active 2 for Wii on Amazon: EA Sports Active 2

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