Don’t Rent. 5 Reasons you Should Buy A Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Instead

1. You Can Rent out Your own Soft Serve Machine for Parties and Events

Here’s a big one. Once you use a soft serve ice cream machine at a party, others will ask where you got it from, and may will go that business and rent a machine for their events.

Why not make it your machine that you rent out?

Instead of an expense, you’ve now got an investment that can pay for itself, and provide ice cream. How cool is that?

Most soft serve machines are huge, but we recommend the Vinmax Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine that is only 26  x 9 x 26 inches!

Vinmax soft serve commercial ice cream maker

The smaller size, but still high capacity makes it much easier to transport and set up.

2. You’ll be Prepared for Events

When you buy a soft serve machine, you’ll find that you’ll use it more, and won’t have to wait on a someone else’s schedule to rent one.

3. You can Turn a Regular Event into Something Really Special

Birthday party, swim party, wedding, you name it. A soft serve ice cream machine takes an event up a notch, and makes it memorable.

4. You’ll be Invited to More Parties

Just saying, this will take your parties up a notch.

And more gatherings mean more opportunities to get people interested in renting your machine.

5. You May Get a Promotion

Offer to bring your soft serve machine to a work party. What’s the one thing people will talk about after? How cool it was to have soft serve there. You may get a promotion so that the board can have soft serve in their meetings. 🙂

The best reason however is that it’s just plain fun.

Check out the best in class, 5-star rating soft serve ice cream machine in our review here

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