Cuisinart Stand Mixers – Videos of Accessories, Bowl, and Fun Recipes (7 and 5.5 Quart Mixers)

The Cuisinart Stand Mixers are fantastic for creating yummy treats. Below, we’ve highlighted some great instructional videos that can help you get started with your Cuisinart Stand Mixer.

Also check out our Cuisinart Stand Mixer Review. Having the right tools makes a huge difference when mixing, and the videos below also show the different accessories that you can use with your Cuisinart mixer.

First time use of a Cuisinart Stand Mixer

The video below shows how to use your stand mixer by Cuisinart for the first time taking you through un-boxing up to using the different accessories and functions.

The getting started with your Cuisinart Stand Mixer Video:

Here are some highlights of getting started in the video demo:

  • Assembly of the Cuisinart stand mixer
  • Unpacking the stand mixer
  • Putting the parts together
  • Basically an unboxing, with the mixer base and description of the options, timer, speed settings, etc.
  • Demonstration of the spash guard

Accessory Descriptions and Tips in the video:

  • Flat mixing paddle (meatloaf, cookies, etc)
  • Dough Hook (for dough)
  • Chef’s Wisk (for air wisking ingredients)

General Tips and Instructions:

  • Tips for attaching the bowl
  • Mounting the splash guard
  • Instructions for attaching mixing tools
  • Description of the fold button and what it does
  • Pulsing by pressing the On button
  • Using the timer
  • Stopping and starting the timer
  • Setting the spead of the mixer
  • Description of slow start feature

How to Create Fantastic Treats and Eats with Your Mixer

Here’s a video demo for making Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookies.

There’s a link to where you can find the Cuisinart recipes on their site below the videos.

Crusty French Bread with Cuisinart Mixer

French bread tastes excellent, especially if you’re getting it in France.

If you’re not that lucky, you can make fresh French bread at home. View the video below on how to make yummy French bread.

Here’s the recipe for the bread shown in the video

Rich Chocolate Frosting made with a Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Why use frosting from the store with all the extra stuff they put in it when you can whip up some freshly made frosting in minutes?

Video instructions below on how to make your own frosting:

Here’s one of the recipes on the site for the Chocolate Frosting. Easy!

Extra Tip for better mixing:

You can subscribe to the Cuisinart Video Podcast to get the recipies and instructions on how to make yummy goodies like these. What a great resource!

So, once you get your Cuisinart mixer, come back and subscribe to the Cuisinart recipe Podcast.

You can view written recipes on the Cuisinart site:

If you’re looking for something specific in the recipes, click the search recipes button on the site.

More on the attachments and accessories:

The video below shows some of the attachments and accessories that you can use with a Cuisinart Stand Mixer:

Which Cuisinart Stand Mixer should you use?

So if you’ve got the budget, the 7 Quart is great. If you don’t or don’t need the 7 Quart capacity, the 5 Quart works great.

The Cuisinart 7-Quart Stand Mixer is a bit more expensive than the Cuisinart 5 Quart Mixer (see our review) but has almost identical features. Both are great mixers.


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