Crazy Blendtec TotalBlender Videos

You’ve probably seen the videos gone viral on YouTube by the “Will it Blend” guy from Blendtec.

For Christmas, our family got one of the Total Blenders from Blendtec. We love it. We also think the videos on YouTube about them are pretty funny…if not a little weird.

Here’s one of our favorites…Blending Glow Sticks:

Here’s another…Blending a Rake:

And oh the humanity! How could they blend an iPad!

They must be Android fans over there…which isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

Android fans or not, it makes me cring to watch an iPad getting mashed. “Nooooo” is right.

Aside from the Rakes, glosticks, iPhones, and all the other stuff they’ve tested, the Blendtec Blenders actually do blend food and they to a smash up job at it as well.

We’ve made soup and ice cream in ours (although not at the same time)>

We’ve loved our Blendtec and you will too (well, your own at least…).

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