Avoid the #1 Mistake when buying a juicer

So, you’re looking for a juicer, but have found that there are a lot, a whole lot, of choices to choose from. Which one should you buy? Features vary, speed, power, materials, and lots of other factors set apart each juicer.

How do you choose?

Well, there is one big mistake when buying a juice extractor that can ruin your day.

Make sure you avoid and don’t get caught up in this mistake!

But, why get a juicer in the first place?

Many people like to skip the effort and just buy juice from the store (or worse, skip the juice and go straight to soda).

There is a growing trend, however, that households across the nation are taking part in, and it is juicing from home.

It’s becoming a lifestyle change instead of just a fad and the reasons are many:

  • People are tired of pills and want natural solutions
  • Juice made at home is fresh
  • It feels good
  • You have control over what goes into the juice (no nasty preservatives)
  • There’s no plastic garbage from a bottle (which should be recycled anyway)
  • It’s fun to share with neighbors and friends. They’re most often impressed by the juicer and your decision to be a juicer.

There are many more reasons to buy a juicer, but you get the idea.

So how do you know if you’re getting a great juicer?

How do you avoid the number one mistake when purchasing a juicer?

Well, the number one mistake is straightforward: settling for poor quality.

It’s unfortunate to anticipate getting a juicer, save up, buy the juicer and then be utterly disappointed to the point that you don’t even use it. Very sad.

The best way to keep using your juicer throughout your life is to get a quality juicer, even a high-quality juicer, and you wont be disappointed.

So what’s the key to finding a high quality juicer?

The answer to that is fairly easy: Brand and Price. We all know that “you get what you pay for.”

Think about the juicer as something you could potentially use every day and that you want to have last a lifetime.

If it is something that you’ll use everyday, wouldn’t you want something that is of high quality?

High quality juicers are more expensive, but they’ll last longer, do the job better, and be more fun to use which makes it better for you because you’ll receive the benefits of juicing more often.

As far as brand goes, Breville makes great juicers, but you can check out other brands too in our list of Top 10 Juicers.

One of the best juicers out there is the Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain. It’s our pick and the one we recommend.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

It’s a favorite of juicers all over because it’s sturdy, looks great, is powerful and fast, and has a high juicing capacity.

For more information, you can find our review of the Breville 800jexl here.

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