The Best Breville 800jexl Review on Video – Bar None

If I had to pick just one video that shows how fun a Breville Juicer can be, it would be the video below:

Juicers have come a long way in the last 5 years. We were using an Oster, and it was leaking and making a mess. The capacity wasn’t all that great either.

The Breville 800 jexl Outshines other Juicers

The Breville 800 jexl really shines (no, really, it does) compared to other juices.

The great thing about reviewing a juicer is that you can see it in action much easier than other items, and the outcome is sooo tasty.

A Great Juice Extractor Makes Great Juice, but add some Fruit to the Veggies

We made some juice today with a number of vegies, but adding a few fruits really helps to liven up the flavor.

Apples make a great addition to any juice you’re making, you can also add grapes and other fruits.

Apples are just so easy to add and they have a lot of juice in them.

The great thing about the 800 jexl is that you can put the whole fruit in. Got an apple?

Just toss the whole apple in. No need to peel the fruit or cut it up to fit better because the whole thing fits in the Breville.

It’s a lot of fun to try different juice mixes with the family and see what they think, and you’d be surprised in the varied tastes within a family.

Best Reviews of the Breville 800 jexl

Recently, we posted a detailed review of the Breville 800 jexl. In the review, we posted more videos of the juice extractor in action.

Those video demos aren’t as exciting as the one above, but Martha Stewart shows us how to use and invites her associate to come taste her latest creation.

View that review here.

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