Two, Can’t-Miss Features of Roomba’s 980 Virtual Walls

1. Virtual Walls with the Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 is amazing.

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You can buy the pack that comes with virtual walls, and it’s beyond sweetness.

They work similar to garage sensors–the sensors that won’t let the garage close if something is in the way except these keep the Roomba Robot from passing an area you define.

Compared to the Competition

We have a Neato Botvac, and it came with a magnetic strip you can lay down. The strip prevents the Neato from crossing.

The Roomba’s virtual walls are so much more convenient and less obtrusive.

But that’s not the only thing the virtual walls can do for this vacuum system…

2. Halo Mode with the Roomba 980

“Halo Mode” is just plain fun to say, but what is it?

When activated, Halo Mode allows you to block of an area of your living space. It tells the Roomba to not enter the space.

It’s pretty much magic. Watch how to get it set up below.

Halo Mode and Virtual walls are two things that you don’t want missing from your Robot Vacuum. Check them out with the Roomba 980.

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