PROOF: Whole-body Vibration Machines (Power Plates) Work

First off, how Power Plate Vibration Machines Actually Work?

Take a second to view this video by Dr. Mike Moriearty D.C who explains the science behind the benefits of using a whole-body vibration machine to complement your workout.

It boils down to how the muscles work in a rapid fire situation, and like he says, you can’t just stand up like a board on the machine and get the total benefits. You need to bend the joints, change positions. You also need to use the machine consistently and have enough G-force in the workout. The Best Vibration Machines provide tons of G-Force in the exercise.

Here’s more about how a power plate vibration system adds more G-Force to your workout:

Does a Vibration Machine Exercise the Heart?

Check out the proof below with a heart rate monitor while using a whole body vibration machine:

The key is to stay active, but as you can see from the exercises, those exercises would not produce the target heart rate alone, but coupled with the whole body vibrator, yes you can work out your heart.

Why is working your heart so hard?

To get a really good heart rate workout, you generally have to engage in activity that is hard on the joints: Running, jumping jacks, other exercise machinery. The exceptions are certain types of strength training, cycling, and swimming, but not everyone has easy access to a pool, the time for cycling and long periods of strength training.

Those with healthy/young joints need to be aware of the types of long term damage that can occur from time spent running and other high-impact exercises.

Working your heart doesn’t have to be hard on the rest of your body.

A vibration power plate actually helps joints and is one of the few exercises that when done right can exercise your heart as well.

It’s more than just a Standing Vibration Machine.

Using a power plate is more than just standing and hoping something will happen. Being an active participant is not only fun, it keeps things progressing.

Check out a short demonstration on how to get the most out of the exercise.

There’s so much you can do with these machines.

Unlike a rowing machine or an elliptical which lock you in to only one type of repetitive movement.

A vibration machine or power plate offers a wide range of possibilities from weight training, balance, pushups, planking, core exercises, and much more.

Below is another video of the Power Plate brand in action from a celebrity fitness trainer.

Does body vibration help?

In a a short interview clip, Cindy Crawford mentions that she uses her power plate as part of her fitness routine.

Which Power Plate whole Body Vibrator is the Best?

Price varies widely on these machines. Go cheap, and you get cheap results with machines that fall apart or that may not even be that good for you due to faulty construction.

Life Pro Rumblex 4D Vibration Machine

Our research shows that the LifePro 4D is the Best Vibration Fitness Plate.

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