P90x with Three Broken Toes?

Foot X-RayI had them. Yes that’s right. Three broken toes.

I’d like to say that I broke them doing something cool like skydiving, but no, the tale is much more mundane.

I stubbed them.

Whoever made walls and table legs so hard…

Anyway, after covering the corners in the house and the legs of my desk with soft, cushy foam (or maybe after just deciding to wear shoes a little more around the house, I decided to give my toes  a break.

There was just one problem…

Well, one problem among many:

I was committed to my P90x3 routine and didn’t want to stop.

I’m “tough” so I didn’t go to the doctor. Stubborn might be a better word for it…or stupid.

I didn’t exercise the following day, but I wondered how long I’d have to wait to exercise again. I wanted to reach my exercise goals.

I like the schedule that X3 instruction book gives, and I wanted to keep following that, but I started out easy (with the Yoga or Pilates if I remember right), and hey, my toes held up.

Secret was to Modify

I started the other routines in the workout and modified.

If there was running or jumping, I’d work on abs or skip or modify the parts that would put too much pressure on the toes.

I was careful not to over do it, but it worked, and the toes eventually healed.

Of course I had to look up how dangerous an inappropriate healing of a broken bone could be, so go see your doctor if you have a broken or think you’ve broken a bone, but broken bones and all, I was able to do P90X3, and I love it!

p90x3 Base Workout Kit

I’m glad I had P90x3 compared to other workout DVD’s because it has such a variety of workouts. That variety let me modify when necessary (and it was necessary those first few days).

I guess it’s a testament to how much people really like P90x3 that me, not a particularly sporty or active person didn’t not want to miss out on the P90x3 schedule.

It’s part of the magic. There’s a deadline. Only 90 days, and you want to pack it in as much as you can by following the program.

Toes feeling good?

Even if you’re toes aren’t feeling 100% today, check out P90x3.

I had started with Power90 when I was afraid that P90x would be too much for me. Power90 was a little too easy. P90x is intense and the workouts can stretch out to over an hour.

P90x3 is my favorite so far because it’s only 30 minutes a day, and the exercises are “smart” exercises that work the body really well.

But as I mentioned, you can modify and still keep up and enjoy the workouts.

If you’re interested in P90 or P90x check out my review of P90x3.

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