Review: Get Healthy with the JumpSport 250 Rebounder

Jumpsport 250 Fitness Rebounder

The JumpSport 250 is the new more economical Fitness Trampoline.

We have a JumpSport 350 and I’ll talk about the differences, but…

First off, what makes a JumpSport so special?

The JumpSport Rebounder Difference

One of the real advantages of the JumpSport Rebounders is that they are quiet. Other rebounders, like the popular Cellerciser, have metal springs that are noisy when jumping.

The JumpSport is virtually silent given that it doesn’t use metal springs.

A quiet rebounder means that you can listen to an audiobook, the television, etc. while rebounding and not miss a thing.

Each JumpSport has this advantage compared to other Rebounders.

A little video of the JumpSport Fitness Rebounders:

The Scoop on the JumpSport 250

The JumpSport 250 is very similar to the other non-folding JumpSport models.

The JumpSport models 350 and above can take more strenuous work.

For example, the 350 model sports the EnduroLast 3 cords which are tested to over 4 million bounces.

The 250 has EnduroLast 2 elastic cords which are tested to over 2 million bounces.

The warranties are also slightly different favoring the 350 model.

The warranty for the 350 is as stated on Amazon:

  • Steel Frame & Legs: Lifetime
  • Mat: 5 years
  • EnduroLast 3 Elastic Cords: 3 Years
  • All other components: 1 year

The warranty for the 250 is:

  • Steel Frame & Legs: Lifetime
  • Mat: 5 years
  • EnduroLast 2 Elastic Cords: 2 Years
  • All other components: 1 year

So it sounds like the 350 rebounder is the one you’d want to select right?

Well, hold on there, we need to consider…

The JumpSport 250 is a lot Less Expensive than the Other Models

The 250 is the most economical of the models.

It clocks in between $50-100 cheaper than the other models.

The 250 is a great buy if you’re not going to go ballistic on it.

It’s still made to last, the 350 and pro models are just built to last longer and be used in professional environments.

The 250 is one of the best options if money is tight.

We searched high and low for the best options in rebounders, and we landed on the JumpSport.

The health benefits outweigh the cost, and we’ve found ourselves using our JumpSport a lot.

The JumpSport 250 has a Larger Exercise Area

The rim of both the 250 and 350 measure 39 inches, but the actual surface area for exercising is larger for the 250 because of the unique way the skirt that protects the elastic supports is constructed with 1030 square inches of exercise space compared to the 882 with the JumpSport 350.

jumpsport 250 rebounder petal size

Either one is a great buy. Like we said, we love our JumpSport 350 and have continued to regularly use it which makes the elliptical machine jealous.

Benefits of Rebounding

One of the main reasons we got a JumpSport rebounder was for the detox benefits.

How does it detox?

It does so by stimulating the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a network similar to your blood vessels except for its what helps clean up cell waste. It’s a crucial system to have.

The problem is that unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump.

The way fluid moves through it is through exercise and movement.

In an ever increasingly sedentary lifestyle, we’re backing up the lymphatic system, and that’s not good.

Rebounding is one of the best ways to get the lymph system moving.

You may even be able to feel the draining from the lymph in your neck and sinuses as you rebound.

It’s been a pretty good sinus reliever too. I used to have some allergy problems, but the lymphatic stimulation really helped to clear things up. I don’t take anti-hystimines anymore. It’s funny that it’s made such a big difference. We also started eating healthier, but the JumpSport makes a noticeable difference.

Aside from that great benefit, rebounding exercises the whole body as the entire body is moving down under gravity and then releasing that tension at the top of a bounce.

It’s great for core strengthening, easier on the joints than other exercises, and can get your heart moving!

The tension on the 250 can be adjusted like the other JumpSport models, and it’s much sturdier than the cheap brands than can cause pronation and even wobble. JumpSports unique foot design is perfect for stability.

What customers are saying about the JumpSport 250

Here’s a few samples of what customers on Amazon have said about the 250. Currently it’s got an impressive 5 star average rating with over 180 reviews.

“Very happy with this purchase, and very glad I bought a puppy, because otherwise I would have spent more than I needed to on a rebounder.”

“I recently introduced my personal training team at Harvard University Recreation to the JumpSport trampolines during a training meeting. Initially, the trainers had a lot of fun just playing and creating exercises. But before too long, they realized what a great workout they could get (and give!) on the trampoline. We were all impressed by the solid construction.”

“If you’re rich get the bella. But if up and down is what you are after and you want a smooth and stable jump get this tramp..”

“Love this…had one of the cheaper models for at least 5 yrs. spring broke decided on the 250 model…it is much bouncier and better on my knees. I would and have told my friends about the 250.”

Purchasing the JumpSport Rebounder

Bellicon and Cellerciser are the other top brands we considered when purchasing a rebounder for our home.

However, the Bellicons were well above and beyond a reasonable price, and the metal springs of the Cellerciser were just too stiff for our use. The JumpSport fits the bill perfectly, and it’s perfectly quiet.

Check it out below!

Update, since writing, JumpSport has the 220, which is a great deal too!

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline 220

Buy the JumpSport on Amazon with Free Shipping 

JumpSport Rebounder 220 on Amazon, Click Here

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