Inner Parts of the Breville 800jexl Revealed!

What’s inside the Breville Juice Fountain Elite?

Included below for your viewing pleasure is a video showing the Breville 800jexl in action but also how it comes apart:

Video of the Juicer in action

Parts of the 800jexl

She’s not calling everything by the right name, but you get the idea of how fast the Breville 800jexl works.

What are the parts that come with the Breville 800 jexl:

  • The juicer body itself
  • Pulp container to catch the residue.
  • Juicing pitcher that catches the good stuff.
  • Defrother to go on the pitcher.
  • Recipe Book with the user manual
  • Scrub brush, a good, stiff one to scrub out the mesh filter and cutting blades.
  • Food Pusher – that you use to push the food down

What’s awesome about Juicing with an awesome Juice Extractor

  1. It’s fast…almost too fast
  2. It’s good for you:  Juice + Drinking Juice = Feel Better
  3. It takes whole fruits and veggies (you don’t have to peel, just toss it in)
  4. More juice. The left overs are dry. It takes almost all the juice out
  5. Looks good in the kitchen
  6. Impresses friends – really try it out in front of some friends, they’ll like it

If you’re crazy for more video and reviews of the Breville 800jexl you’ll want to check out the recent post we did (it’s thousands of words, but don’t worry, there are videos if you want to skip the wordy details).

You can view our review of the Breville 800jexl here.

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