What Makes Henckels Ceramic 12 Piece Cookware so Good

Is Ceramic the next best thing in cookware?

Yes. Yes it is.

But there’s a caveat. Read on to find out.

Henckels Ceramic Cookware 12 Piece Set

Is Ceramic better than Teflon?

Does Teflon cause cancer? It’s one of the main questions causing people to retire their old cookware. If so, then it would seem that Ceramic would be way better than Teflon coated cookware since Ceramic is PTFE and PFOA Free.

Teflon has those chemicals and it’s bad for us, right?

Definitely, PTFE and PFOA are bad news for our bodies. However does Teflon cause cancer?

Let’s check the American Cancer Society on Teflon:

“Teflon itself is not suspected of causing cancer.”

But, it’s not the whole story. As the ACS states further, it’s the manufacturing process that can be harmful.

“Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C8, is another man-made chemical. It is used in the process of making Teflon and similar chemicals (known as fluorotelomers), although it is burned off during the process and is not present in significant amounts in the final products.”

“PFOA has the potential to be a health concern because it can stay in the environment and in the human body for long periods of time. Studies have found that it is present worldwide at very low levels in just about everyone’s blood. Higher blood levels have been found in community residents where local water supplies have been contaminated by PFOA. People exposed to PFOA in the workplace can have levels many times higher.”

There’s still debate if exposed to high temperatures if Teflon releases these chemicals, but it’s definitely released in the manufacturing which isn’t a good thing for us of the environment.

Enter ceramic cookware. Let’s look at a popular set:

Is Ceramic Really Non-Stick?

How does ceramic work as non-stick? Ceramic by itself doesn’t do it, it’s got to have a coating mix which is what Thermolon is.

If you take care of your cookware, the ceramic coating will last a long time.

Tips to keep your ceramic cookware long lasting:

  • Don’t use harsh abrasive cleaners, just use soapy water
  • Don’t use nylon or other hard scrubbers to clean. Use a washcloth
  • Use soft spoons/utensils (wood or silicon) when cooking

People that report problems with the ceramic losing it’s non-stick probably didn’t follow one of the three points above.

Do you Need Butter or Oil to Help when Cooking Sticky Stuff?

In our tests, we’ve found just a tiny bit of butter goes a long way, especially when frying an egg, and we prefer using just a little bit when cooking, but ultimately, you don’t have to have to use butter or oil.

Ceramic Chipping? Ceramic Requires a Little extra Love.

One thing to note is that ceramic cookware is not ceramic all the way through.

It’s a ceramic coating. The metallic base helps with heat transfer and keeps it strong and sturdy preventing chipping on the bottom.

Some reviewers mention the ceramic coating chips. We’ve found this is usually from stacking the pots and pans without taking care to protect the bottom of the pan/pot as well as where the stainless steel handle comes in contact with the pot/pan below.

We’ve put paper towels between ceramic pans, and that’s helped prevent chipping, and others have kept the cardboard packing inserts and used those to protect the ceramic coating. Either way, just a little extra love and care will go a long way in protecting your ceramics.

Details about the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Spirit Ceramic 12 Piece Ceramic Coated Set

Henckels makes extremely well designed cookware. We’ve been very impressed.

You’ll get 12 pieces of Thermolon ceramic coated stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel is superior to other metals used for cooking and the Ceramic coating keeps the food from touching the metal.

The set has  a 1 quart saucepan, a 6 quart dutch oven, a 2 quart saucepan, a 3 quart saute pan,  an 8 inch skillet, a 10 inch skillet, a pasta insert, and a steamer insert.

The cookware is safe for induction cooking and safe on all stovetops, and broiler safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

Henckels Ceramic Cookware 12 Piece Set

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