Comparing the JumpSport 350 vs. JumpSport 350PRO

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What’s the difference between the JumpSport 350 and the 350PRO?

The 350 and 350PRO are almost identical except for one key feature.

Whether this feature makes a difference for you will depend on how you want to use your JumpSport rebounder.

Why get a JumpSport Rebounder?

As the video above shows, they’re quiet, they’re easier on the joints than other stiffer mini-trampolines,

The 350 vs the 350Pro

JumpSport has a great model, the 350 which comes with the similar but more expensive 350Pro.

So what’s the difference?

The difference is in the elastics.

The Pro has 36 EnduroLast cords which are rated 4 million cycles!

That’s a lot of rebounding.

The standard 350 sports EnduroLast 3 elastic cords which are tested to “millions of bounces.”

The standard 350 has only 30 cords compared to the 36 cords on the 350PRO.

But there’s more to consider…

But is the 350PRO worth the price difference?

The 350PRO will definitely set you back a pretty penny compared to the 350. The difference is about $80-90, but there are some things to consider.

How many people will be sharing the use of the rebounder?

The more people using it in your family, the more use and wear and tear will occur. The 350PRO is made to withstand that with the capability of the elastic cords lasting twice as long as the standard 350.

Weight Consideration

The JumpSport 350PRO’s weight capacity is 50 pounds greater than the standard JumpSport 350 which is 250 pounds.

More Support, and Longer Lasting

Selecting the Best JumpSport 350

If you’ve got a lot of people using it, need the extra strength and capacity, or are a fitness establishment, the Pro is definitely the way to go.

If you’re a casual rebounder, the standard 350 is a great and popular choice.

Hard to go wrong with just a great exercise tool!

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