Cellerciser Workouts – Best Rebounding Workouts

cellerciser rebounder exerciseWho loves love handles?

David Hall shows how the Cellerciser can help exercise, tone, and eliminate those love handles.

A rebounder is so much more than just a mini-trampoline, it’s an exercise station that offers so many more possibilities than just an isolating exercise machine (Treadmill, Eliptical, row machine).

The range of exercises is almost limitless.

New to rebounding?

Here’s a short minute intro with David explaining what rebounding can do for you:

Rebounding Exercises on the Cellerciser

Sit back and relax, or get on your rebounder and join in!

Watch how David Hall of Cellerciser Fame shows you what you can do on your rebounder.

One of my favorites is the twist.

It shows that rebounding can start out easy and then progress to more complex exercises. The possibilities really are astounding.

Different exercises include:

  • The warm up
  • Aerobics
  • Loosening up up the lower back.
  • Calisthenics
  • Ab Toning
  • Digestive enhancement
  • Detox
  • Cellulite Targeting
  • Improved Balance

If you don’t have a rebounder, you should seriously consider one.  We’ve had our rebounder for a number of years and have really enjoyed it.

Cellerciser is a fantastic brand, and you almost can’t go wrong with one.

One of the benefits is that Cellerciser offers folding rebounders which are great for storage or travel.

For our needs, we purchased a JumpSport Rebounder (see the comparison here).

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