ShelfReliance CanSolidator Pantry Review

ShelfReliance Cansolidator Pantry CanSolidator Pantry
Height: 11″
Width: 20″
Depth: 16.5″
Capacity: 40 Cans

The ShelfReliance CanSolidator Pantry is a great way to store food cans.  But who would want to store food cans?  Katrina, Hugo, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Downsizing…ring any bells?  Storing food is a smart idea in preparation for difficult times.  It’s also just a good idea to have some food on hand for those crazy cooking moods you might get in.  You many just need something that comes in a can.

The CanSolidator can help you stay stocked with food because it makes it easy to see where you’re running low.  We recently purchased a CanSolidator and were amazed when we went to fill it just how low we were on a certain food type.  It was hard to see previously because our cans were stacked one on top of the other.  We purchased the CanSolidator Pantry, but will probably upgrade to the Pantry Plus soon because our shelves are wide and can fit more.

The product is a Food Rotation System or FRS for short.  Using First in First out or FIFO, cans are placed in the CanSolidator at the top level and then rotate down to the bottom level.  You remove cans from the bottom, thus using the oldest cans first.

A few thoughts and observations when we pulled it out of the box:

  • Assembly is required.  It’s not a big deal, but you have to put the pieces together to fit the width of cans you want to put in there.
  • Holds three full-sized cans and one medium can.  We weren’t able to fit 4 large soup cans in there, but we could fit 3 large cans and one medium cream of mushroom soup can.
  • Deep than expected.  The CanSolidator was deeper than we expected, but the “Pantry” fit in our Pantry just fine.  We also measured for the CanSolidator Cupboard and it would fit in our cupboards.  It looks like they were built to standard sizes.
  • Holds only 4 types of cans.  The Pantry model holds 40 cans but only 4 different types of cans (10 of each).  So, after we set it up, we thought, “Hmmm.  We need another one.”
  • Better in earthquakes and other natural disasters.  We noticed as we were moving our cans around prior to putting them in the CanSolidator, that our cans on the shelf can be knocked off very easily.  Once we put them in the CanSolidator, it was hard to get them to just fall out.  This is an advantage because if you think of any natural disasters that might shake your house a little bit, your stacked cans would fall over, break, or otherwise be compromised.  The big problem is that it’s in the natural disasters when you might need your cans the most!  Shaking the CanSolidator, we saw that the cans weren’t going to go anywhere.  The very top cans if filled up to the edge might fall, but not very much more than that.
  • Space utilization.  It seems that we could fit more cans on our shelf if they were simply stacked instead of in the CanSolidator, but we like the CanSolidator because it helps us to better manage food cans, it looks so much better on the shelf than a bunch of stacked cans, and it’s cool.
  • Stackable.  The CanSolidator is stackable.  In fact, the Pantry can be split into two separate units.
  • Expandable.  The rotation system can be exapanded with more peices or hooked together with additional Cansolidators.
  • Helps to monitor food storage levels.  We really like that we can see at a quick glance if we’re running low on food storage items.
  • Helps rotate through food stock.  The CanSolidator helps us use the oldest cans first.  If you think about it, stacking cans usually hides the oldest cans in the back and bottom of the pile.

Overall, we really like the CanSolidator Pantry, you can read the two-pack reviews on Amazon.

Author: D Review


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