Breville Juicer Solutions to Juice Extractor Problems

Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite

Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite

Breville makes awesome juicers, and our favorite is the 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite.

With the Juice Fountain Elite, we been making juices with our Breville juicer (almost) every day.

It’s an extremely powerful juicer (it does get pretty loud on the high setting, but because it’s powerful, it’s also fast).

It’s important to take care of your juicer and make sure all the parts are clean, and that can help eliminate a lot of problems.

As you use your juicer, over time, you may notice a few things that don’t seem quite right.

Don’t get all in a panic, there are some ways to prevent juicing problems when preparing to use your juicers.

The juicer stalls or doesn’t start right:

The video below helps explain what the problem might be.

Always remember to start your juicer with a clean feeding tube. If there’s food already in the tube or down by the blades, the juicer may stall.

So even though cleaning isn’t always our favorite thing to do, remember to keep it clean inside (it’s more sanitary that way any way).

Juicer stops in the middle of juicing:

It may have been going for too long and needs a break for 10-15 minutes or it may have been overloaded.

Unplug it and give it a break for a bit.

If it still doesn’t work, it could be that a fuse has been blown in the unit in which case you’ll want to call Breville’s customer support.

Irregular juicing/trouble juicing:

If there is an excess of pulp build up in the bin or tube, you’ll want to empty the bin and clean the unit.

Since the juicer comes with a quality cleaning brush, it’s easy to clean the juicer.

Juicer won’t turn on:

If nothing at all happens when you go to turn on your juicer, make sure the locking arm is set.

Juice leaks when juicing:

A juice leak can be really annoying. It happens to our juicer from time to time.

On ours, it will leak right where the pulp container hooks on to the juicer.

What we do is just place a plastic bag inside the pulp container and letting the sides of the bag hang out after attaching the pulp collector (this makes it a lot easier to clean). Once that’s done, we just pull the edges of the bag up and over the part with the juice comes out.

We’ve noticed that it does this more if we try to juice spinach. With other veggies, and fruits, it’s not as bad.

To fix a juice leak, make sure that your filter basket is clean to prevent juice leaking.

Prevent or clean stains from top cover of juicer:

Vinegar can work wonders.

Pulp from the juicer doesn’t come out as dry anymore / extracting less juice:

Cleaning the filter can really help. If you’re filter basket is really old, you might consider buying a new one. We recently replaced our filter basket and have noticed a big difference. So, keep it clean, and it will last a long time, but if the pulp is still wet, it might be time for a new filter basket.

Simple maintenance and cleaning can really help make the most of your juicer. For more information about why the 800jexl is our favorite, check out our detailed juicer review.

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