Review of JumpSport 44″ Rebounder 550F

jumpsport 550The JumpSport 550F. A serious look at a fun product.

JumpSport has a number of sizes for its rebounders. We have the 350 and absolutely love it.

However, if you want a larger area to jump upon…

The JumpSport 550F is fantastic, and compared to other models, it folds up for better storage (more on that in a second).

Just how big is the JumpSport 550F Pro?

When we bought the JumpSport 350, it was the only size available at the time. The 350 comes, comes in at a nice 39 inches in diameter.

The 550F Pro, however, rules the roost at a large 44 inches.

Why would you want more space on a rebounder?

It’s amazing what the size difference can mean when rebounding. You have much more space on the 550F for exercising moves. We’ve often found on the 350, we might jump on the skirt that covers the bands.

The 550F provides that extra little bit of space needed to not have to do that.

If you feel, that a little more spec for more advanced exercises, or you simply want to feel comfortable with enough space on your rebounder, the larger 550F is worth considering.

What do the different JumpSport rebounder sizes look like?

Below is a quick video showing the different sizes of rebounders.

The video mentions the 570 which is similar to the 550F.

However, the 550F has the benefit of being able to fold. Both are 44 inches in diameter.

Why get a rebounder?

Rebounders offer the unique advantage over other exercise equipment. I don’t even think of ours as an exercise machine.

Exercise machines get stored in a coner and you hand laundry on them.

No. The rebound is fun! It’s easy! And it exercises your whole body rather than just a portion.

You’re getting movement in every single one of your cells as you have the increased gravity at the bottom of a bounce, and the sense of weightlessness (very brief of course) at the top of a bounce.

Jumping on a rebounder helps stimulate the lymphatic system which doesn’t have pump like the circulatory system (heart/blood).

The lymph system needs to be stimulated through movement, muscle contraction and specifically, up and down movement.

Stimulating the lymphatic system helps to carry out and process cell waste. You don’t want that cell waste to be stuck in or near your cells. You want the trash taken out!

Rebounding helps do that especially well.

What are customers on Amazon saying about the 550F?

Through my research, I found there are essentially 2 types on the market: Spring & Bungee. YouTube videos really helped me here because I could see both types in action. Ultimately, I wanted something quiet, which is why I went with a bungee type.

I have owned many different rebounders over the years and was very happy with the Jumpsport 370 except for its size. After much investigation, I decided on the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 550F PRO instead of the more expensive Bellicon.

I purchased this fitness trampoline because the winter in PA has been too snowy & cold to get out and walk or run. This was a great investment. The quality of this product is exceptional.

jumpsport 550


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